Your CO2 is NewCO2

CO2 Services

CO2 purchase and sales:

NewCO2 is constantly looking for sustainable sources for its customers. NewCO2 then looks at the techniques used to extract the CO2 and especially what the "feedstock" is; which products are fermented. NewCO2 advises the source owners to achieve an optimal CO2 return of the best possible quality.

NewCO2 imports and exports CO2 within Europe and its islands.

NewCO2 uses its carefully constructed extensive network and knows which CO2 is most suitable for its customers and its applications. Due to the connecting role of NewCO2, they are often called "the CO2 Brokers".


Sell ​​your CO2 to NewCO2: 

Buying CO2, NewCO2 does this with the greatest care, at the right sources and at fair market prices. You wish to sell your CO2, obtained from sustainable sources, to NewCO2. Please contact . Together with you, NewCO2 will investigate the quality of your liquid CO2 and the possibilities for your specific product. NewCO2 is also your address for smooth certification with its partners.

NewCO2 is happy to enter a long-term partnership with you. Together with NewCO2, we strive to monitor the quality of CO2 to assigned customers.


Buying your CO2 at NewCO2:

NewCO2 is grateful if it can provide you with its biogenic, renewable CO2 in the future.

Since the CO2 crisis of 2015 and that of 2018, many CO2 customers have been able to find us.

By using sustainable new CO2 sources and by investing in renewable CO2, NewCO2 can face the crisis. NewCO2 guarantees the supply chain and is the right alternative or addition to the existing network. If you have CO2-related questions or you want to place an order, please contact our customer service department at .