Your CO2 is NewCO2

About NewCO2

NewCO2 focuses on providing the best quality and service to its customers in the CO2 business. NewCO2 is a fast growing company with an unprecedented CO2 network. In doing so, it has taken a clear position in the market for the import and export of liquid, biogenic CO2.

With a very wide experience in the field of CO2 they distinguish themselves by delivering directly to various end users on the European market. Since its inception, NewCO2 has only pursued one goal: to satisfy its customers and to match each specific CO2 demand with the right source.

Thanks to her expertise and flexible service she is able to deliver quickly, also thanks to her expert logistics partners. In doing so, she focuses in particular on her broad network in the pharma, food and other industrial applications.

What is so new about this company?

  1. The name is new; it is a combination of New Company and CO2.
  2. NewCO2 is the CO2 broker on the European market.
  3. The sources where the CO2 is produced are new or renewed.
  4. The CO2 that NewCO2 supplies does not come from fossil sources, but comes from sustainable sources. Her CO2 is renewable and biogenic.
  5. NewCO2 gives CO2 a good, green and new name to CO2 because this indispensable molecule absolutely deserves this.
  6. NewCO2 approaches its suppliers in a new and transparent way.
  7. NewCO2 is familiar with all old, new and the latest innovative techniques.
  8. NewCO2 processes existing and creates new markets.
  9. NewCO2 approaches its customers and suppliers with new proposals. They find each other in good entrepreneurship.
  10. NewCO2 is new, but the partners that develop this company have more than thirty (30) years of experience with CO2 in all its forms and applications.